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UV technology has allowed us to significantly reduce the time it takes for floor finishes to dry and reach maximum hardness.

A finish cured with UV light is particularly resistant to mechanical and chemical abrasion, also making UV curing the ideal system to use in settings that demand extreme wear resistance, such as sports floors and high-traffic commercial or residential hardwood floors.

  • UV cured hardwoods typically are odor free as well as produce zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) making it a more environmentally friendly finish.
  • Floors cured by UV are twice as hard as pre-finished floors, as well as most other available finishing options on the market.
  • The hardness provided by UV curing hardwoods provides a better looking floor for longer periods of time as it is typically more scratch, scuff, and stain resistant!
  • breakthrough new technology that allows floor to fully cure instantly, no more waiting
  • traffic, rugs, furniture ok immediately after floor is cured
  • super low voc content, no harmful emissions, earth friendly
  • restaurants and retail stores can be resurfaced overnight and not lose business





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Instant UV-curing enables floors to be restored to

complete service immediately after coating. There is no

need to wait days for drying, and no release of harmful

chemicals or solvents into the atmosphere.